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Stealth #1 Review - Detroit has a New Hero (What Happens Next May Shock You...)

• Mike Costa (Writer) • Nate Bellegarde (Pencils)

Tamra Bonvillain (Colorist) • Jason Howard (Cover Artist)

Image Comics (Publisher)

I happened upon Stealth by accident. It had two things going for it immediately.

1. The Story was set in Detroit, my Home Town

2. The Lead characters were Black, yes I'm that shallow.

Beyond that, the comic is solid and has one of the most clever and out of nowhere plot twists I've ever seen pulled off in a comic. The twist is so awesome that I had legit "Oh Shit" reaction while reading and immediately added the title to my monthly pull-list. I won't spoil the twist in this review.

I absolutely loved the opening monologue about Detroit. I knew that the writer had to be from Detroit and I was very excited to find out on the letters page that he was from "The Hood". I also liked the lead character, Tony He's likable and I appreciated the time we see him spending with his Father.

Before my mom passed away she was prone to accidents and hurting constantly herself. She was diabetic and would often do damage and not realize it until the situation escalated. I totally understood what Mike was going for in conveying this relationship between the father and son. The concern Tony has for his elderly parent as he loses his faculties

In the background of the comic is the character of stealth. Stealth serves as the local superhero that the title owes its namesake. The character reminds me of a lot of Falcon with a little Iron Man mixed in. I'm sure we'll learn more about the hero as the story develops. Pencils are currently down for the comic book industry but this is one series I hope continues post-COVID-19.

I wasn't blown away by anything happening in the book in regards to the artistic direction. There are a couple of pages that stood out and Nate Bellegarde nails the emotional beats of the story. The Stealth scenes were also all pretty decent. The primary driver of this comic is the story which works because this is simply a beautifully written book.

We're still in the setup phase of the series and it becomes pretty clear that Nate isn't drawing the most exciting material that the setting has to offer. I expect more as the series develops. Nothing about the art is bad though and everything is easy enough to follow.

Stealth #1 was a lot of fun, I can't wait to spend more time with these characters.

Rating 9/10

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