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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #104 Review - TMNT an Epilogue...? (Spoilers)

Sophie Campbell (Writer-Artist) • Ronda Pattison (Colorist)

IDW Publishing (Publisher)

A couple of weeks ago Sophie Campbell announced that she got the "pencils down" order from IDW. She also confirmed that TMNT was being put on hiatus due to the COVID-19 Pandemic for the foreseeable future.

At first, I was hurt. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is easily my favorite ongoing series. After reading the issue though, I had to concede that if the series ended in a month or two I be satisfied with this arc being the concluding chapter. This storyline has turned into a fitting epilogue for these characters and it's hard to imagine our heroes being in a better spot than they are now.

In this issue, we finally get the gang back together. We also see them make plans for the future. The story progresses and we get to see some of the most natural sibling interactions ever in comics. All of the conversations between the turtles are genuinely heartfelt and it really affected me by the end of the issue.

The end of the comic doesn't feature a cliffhanger or fight with the Foot Clan. It features the team dressed in regular street clothes and going to a concert in Mutant town. The situation is pretty mundane until you realize that we've never seen the turtles in a situation where they could mingle with a crowd and party. It was at this point that I felt really happy about these characters and the status quo.

Sophie Campbell would later clarify that the series would continue post-Covid. I'm not convinced the series should continue past this arc. The Walking Dead had a perfect sendoff. The X-Men film franchise should have ended with Days of Future Past. We'll see where the dust and how the series continues from here but you've definitely never seen a TMNT story like this before.

Rating 10/10

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