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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #99 Review - The Final Shellshock

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

Tom Waltz (Writer) • David Wachter (Pencils-Cover)

Ronda Pattison (Colorist) • IDW (Publisher)

With Issue #100 of TMNT looming Tom Waltz delivers the penultimate chapter of his epic run with these characters. The first thing I'll mention is the beautiful cover by David Wachter. David is by far my favorite cover artist and he delivers another gem here with Splinter behind bars.

Most publishers reserve their best covers for variants. Dave's covers are generally some of the best covers no matter what variants IDW commissions for this series. His covers also generally relate to something that actually happens in the book which is something that we see less and less of in the current year.

I thought it was weird that IDW hit us with a $7.99 cover price. I'm not a fan of that but in fairness, the book is 56 pages. The covers and the format have also been enhanced so I'll give the higher price point a pass and to be honest the book is worth it.

There is great action and character moments here and most of the City At War plot points begin to converge and resolve in epic fashion. We also get a pretty amazing cliffhanger. David also does the interiors this time around and he gets a lot of ground to cover.

The book begins with Old Hob and the fallout of his release of a mutagen bomb at last issues conclusion. We then jump to Splinter as he engages with The Rat King. The comic then shifts to Metal Head and his conflict with Donatello before jumping to a massive confrontation with the Foot Clan at their home base. Leonardo gets the standout scene for me which has to be seen to be believed. The encounter is even stronger because it has been firmly established that the plot armor of our heroes only goes so far. When they commit to a decision it can go either way which makes every encounter tense.

With the constant shifts in settings the comic vaguely reminds me of the 90's Konami games. The book shifts from setting to setting like the stages of a video game and with issue #100 we're approaching the end of the game for City At War and the Tom Waltz run. I can't wait for the conclusion but its gonna be bittersweet seeing him go, Kudos sir!

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Rating 9.5/10

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