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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Urban Legends #8 Review - Good Story, Atrocious Art

Gary Carlson (Author) • Frank Fosco (Pencils-Covers)

Adam Guzowski (Colorist) • IDW Publishing (Publisher)

TMNT fans always cite the much-maligned image volume as being too dark. The series is a bit darker than I remembered but the standout flaw for me is the linework. Frank Fosco isn't a terrible artist. I did a google search after reading this issue and some of his work is truly inspired. This series just isn't his best.

The impression I'm getting from this series is that the publisher saw the license as a cash grab, rushed out a series and didn't really give it any oversight. The art is rough, really rough. One of the selling points of the Urban Legends run is that the pencils are colored. The linework is admittedly the weakest aspect of the book but even the added colors can't save it.

Carl Ritter probably could save this one but even then it would be a herculean effort. It's just a rough book to look at. I'm a hardcore TMNT fan but I can see a casual reader being grossed out and just dropping the title.

The only book I've reviewed that has worst linework is Bebop & Rocksteady: Hit The Road #5, which I reviewed over a year ago. The linework is the weakest aspect of this series and even the added colors can't save it. It's just a rough book to look at. I'm a hardcore TMNT fan but I can see a casual reader being grossed out and dropping the series.

The Turtles here are being maimed and being pulled into different directions but the characters aren't really recognizable to longtime readers. The loose comparison I'll make here is to Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The series may not technically be bad but it's not the TMNT you know and love or were expecting.

I really don't have a lot to say about this issue. It's not a bad single issue. It's entertaining but if you're following the series, the plot for UL #8 is basically identical to the previous book with a different turtle taking the lead. In the previous issue, Raphael attempts to rescue Casey Jones Daughter, Shadow and fails. In this issue, Michaelangelo makes an attempt and succeeds. I debated on spoiling the issue but there really isn't much else going on.

Leonardo decides to investigate the disappearance of Splinter as a lead pops up and Raphael recovers from the injuries he sustained during the botched rescue attempt. Casey Jones and April get a nice moment but aside from that, the issue is ultimately filler. I'd love to give this issue a more in-depth review but if the creators didn't care, why should I.

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Rating C-

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