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Tales From The Dark Multiverse: Blackest Night Review - What If Zombies invaded the DC Universe

Tim Seeley (Writer) • Kyle Hotz (Pencils)

David Baron & Allen Passalaqua (Colorist) • Lee Weeks & Brad Anderson (Cover Artists)

DC Comics (Publisher)

It's been a while since I originally read this one. It's probably the densest continuity heavy book to come across my desk since I started reading DC comics a few years back. While reading I honestly got a little lost because I'm not as familiar with these characters as I would like. I got into DC comics during DC Comics Rebirth and unfortunately, Blackest Night took place during the New 52 era of DC comics. I missed all of these books aside from a Batman comic here and there.

The gist of this What If? scenario is that at the climax of the "Blackest Night" event Sinistro is given the opportunity to save the universe by splitting power with Hal Jordan but due to selfishness he keeps the power for himself which causes the Black Lanterns to overrun the galaxy. It's a really depressing situation even more so than the Knightfall review I reviewed a while back.

The story picks up a few years later. Lobo has been tasked with bringing Dove, the last living human Woman on earth to Takron-Galtos, a prison world by ######. Along the way, they meet heroes that have survived and run across those that have died and become Black Lanterns.

The standout character for the comic is Lobo. I've been reading comics for most of my life and I've never read a Lobo book. Tim Seeley does a great job of giving me the gist of what expect from the character and he's a lot of fun despite my lack of knowledge. He's also the de facto hero and POV character for the comic book. This was surprising because almost all of the advertisements feature Sinistro and zombified Lanterns.

The Green Lantern mythos has always gone over my head and has been sort of a barrier. I stopped reviewing the Grant Morrison run because I flat out didn't know what was going on half the time. I'm not a big fan of cosmic stuff and the dense nature of Lantern mythos has always been restrictive.

This story gives us some Green Lantern stuff but puts the focus on some characters that are normally regulated to side stories or the background. Because most of the characters are street level or down to earth it puts the characters in the same position as me as the reader. They are just as lost in some spots as I was while reading.

The art direction is appropriately dark which blends well with the horrific scenario presented in the book. The action sequences are pretty good and imaginative. It's fun to see characters pushed beyond your expectations. Books like "Blackest Night" take advantage of comics as a visual medium and are simply fun to look at. Kyle has a great script to work with and you can tell he's having fun bringing the title to life.

Upon a second reading, the book is still pretty dense but I had a better grasp on the story. This is probably the most content you'll ever get out of a 50+ page comic and is well worth the $5.99 cover price. I also believe it may serve as a great companion piece to the original storyline. The book has a conclusive ending and gets pretty bleak for all involved which is a staple of the greatest What If? stories.


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