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The Batman's Grave #2 Review - Batman Vs The Face-Eater

Warren Ellis (Writer) • Bryan Hitch (Cover - Pencils)

• Alex Sinclair (Colorist) • DC Comics (Publisher) • Get it now From Comixology

I don't remember much about The Batman's Grave #1 aside from it being weird. There was a cool scene of Alfred chastising Bruce for not taking a more productive approach to crimefighting but aside from that, the issue was pretty meh. I wanted to like the comic considering the amazing creative team of Ellis and Hitch but just couldn't connect to the material.

This issue has no recap. It's been a while since I read The Batman's Grave #1 and while the action is great the opening sequence comes out of nowhere. If this issue was being read as trade this wouldn't be a problem but in monthly installments, the first half of this comic may be jarring and potentially inaccessible to new readers. Every comic is somebody's first.

This issue opens with the aforementioned action sequence of Batman and a criminal given the moniker" The Eater of faces". The setpiece is great and shows Batman in an extended fight where he uses a ton of equipment. It's a fun battle to look at but it's kind of weird to see Batman having a hard time with what looks to be a common thug. Hitch put a lot of work on display in this sequence and it shows a lot of combat ingenuity from Batman.

The second half of the comic isn't nearly as strong. I honestly forgot how the comic ended until I flipped through it again for this review. The comic also has another cool exchange between Bruce and Alfred that blows holes in Bruce's logic about not giving some of his technology to the GCPD. As with the previous issue, the comic just ends. There isn't a cliffhanger or anything.

So far The Batman's Grave hasn't been great but there are a few decent elements that make the overall experience a net positive. I can't recommend reading the comic in a monthly format though.

Rating: 7/10

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