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The Flash #64 Review - Batman Doesn't Human Very Well

The Price of Innocence: Part 2 (Continued in Batman #65)

Joshua Williamson (Writer) • Rafa Sandoval (Pencils)

Tomeu Morey (Colors) • Chris Burnham & Nathan Fairbairn (Cover)

DC Comics (Publisher) • Get it Now from Comixology

Although "The Price of Justice" crossover is billed as a "Heroes in Crisis" tie-in, it works entirely on its own. It references the events of that story and weaves them into the mystery here but is simply executed better than the main series. In fact, after reading the first two parts of "The Price" I wished that Joshua Middleton had handled the entire Heroes in Crisis storyline.

This issue continues The Flash and Batman's investigation into the Sanctuary killings. The heroes also investigate Gotham Girl's attack on the Flash Museum in the previous chapter. The comic gives even more insight into the two men and their approaches to detective work. Bruce considers Barry to be the world's greatest detective while Barry doesn't believe that he'll ever be on Bruce's level.

As the story progressed I became more inclined to agree with Barry as he points out several basic observations that Bruce has missed in regards to Gotham Girl as well as his other proteges. Bruce doesn't human well which causes him to miss key details about the situation that Barry keys into immediately.

This is an amazing contrast between the two characters. Bruce may know criminals inside and out but he misses the underlying motivations and passions of his friends and allies. It appears that "The Price" is developing into a referendum on Bruce and his responsibility toward those he brings under his wing, directly or indirectly.

This issue is drawn by Rafa Sandoval. He does a great job and the comic looks great but I would have preferred the same artist to cover the entire crossover. Tomeu Morey continues to provide the color direction so the comic looks consistent even with the change in with the penciler. I actually prefer Rafas takes on the characters at several points in the issue so it's not like there's a talent dropoff or anything.

This installment gives the reader a lot to think about and will work as an amazing single issue or as part of the overall crossover. I was quite simply blown away which is something I haven't said about a Batman or Flash comic in a long time.

Rating: God-Tier