• Baraka

The Resistance #1 (of 6) Review - Right Comic, Wrong Time, Blame Covid-19

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

J. Michael Straczynski (Writer) • Mike Deodato Jr. (Pencils)

Frank Martin (Colorist) • Rahzzah (Cover Artist)

AWA Studios (Publisher) • Get it now on Comixology

I picked up "The Resistance" #1 before the state-mandated shutdown went into effect. It was one of the last comics I picked up from my LCS before it got shuttered at the outset of the pandemic.

This is my first AWA title and the presentation is of incredible quality. The story and art direction are top-notch. This is some heavy content going on here and If you've come upon The Resistance #1 looking for escapism you won't find it. That being said, it becomes apparent very quickly that this may be one of the best-written and illustrated titles on the shelves right now.

The book covers a particularly virulent pandemic, it's recovery period and the aftermath. The series will shine a light on the players involved in the new world. The situation will probably get more complicated considering how the first issue ends.

I'm pretty sure J Michael Straczynski wrote this book before COVID-19 hit. The timing of the book and real-world events had to be a really shitty coincidence. The problem is obvious and takes on a world outside your window vide regardless of the intent of the book. Reading about millions of people dying from a virus just didn't sit right. In about six months I might feel differently when and if we're back to some semblance of normalcy.

Nevertheless, I finished reading the book and felt kinda down even though I do intend to add the book to my pull list. There is way too much talent involved in this project to write it off despite my reservations.

I really hate to be unfair to the creative team but The Resistance just feels like a book released at the wrong time, despite being nearly flawlessly executed.

Rating 9.5/10