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The Silencer #12 Review - The Perfect Single Issue

Dan Abnett (Writer) • Jack Herbert (Pencils)• Mike Spicer (Colorist)

Tyler Kirkham & Arif Prianto (Cover Artists) • DC Comics (Publisher)

This is my second "New Age of Heroes" review in a row. I just reviewed "Damage #13" which was absolute gutter trash. Next up is "The Silencer" #12 which is effectively a perfect single issue.

The comic covers a direct confrontation between Silencer, Leviathan, and Talia Al Ghul. At first glance, this is the same general plot that has been going on since issue #1. The difference is that this issue solidifies Talia Al Ghul as Silencer's arch-villain.

The comic also finally allows Silencer's husband Blake Guest, to develop into a real character. He has his own parallel story arc going on and I buy his reactions to the developing situation. I still think the alarm bells should have rung a lot sooner than Issue #12.

The supporting cast has always held the series back and it's great to see the weakness of the title turned into a strength, at least momentarily. Silencer herself gets some really gutwrenching moments throughout the book and this is on top of intense action covering every page of the issue.

She's always been a cool character with a great powerset. Something just clicks here and I'm digging it. It could be because we finally see her using all of the tools in her toolset against overwhelming odds. Adversity builds character and the escalating stakes just lead into the inevitability of the cliffhanger.

Jack Herbert and Mike Spicer do an amazing job conveying character growth and development as well as the desperation of the situation. They also get a lot to do. The book switches locations often flipping between the quieter intense scenes of Honor and Talia. We also see Blake's parallel journey to figure out what's happening with his wife as the relentless battle that carries on.

The Silencer #12 is easily the best issue in this series and one of the best single issues I've reviewed since I started this blog. That's high praise considering that I'd thought about dropping the title several times due to the circular storytelling. The title may not sustain this level of quality before it ends but I'm glad the series made it to this point at least for a single issue.


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