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TinselTown: Losing The Light #1 Review - L.A. Confidential

David Lucarelli (Writer) • Henry Ponciano (Pencils/Cover)

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Abigail Moore is Back!

I know that's an overly dramatic statement but I really liked the initial Tinseltown series. I was honestly surprised when a follow-up series was announced since the first volume ended so cleanly. I added it to my pull-list but ended up having to order the title from AlternaAccess.com after they split from Diamond Distribution during the COVID-19 CRISIS.

For those new to the series, Abigail is one of the first Female Officers operating in Hollywood. The character also based on David Lucarelli's mother who served as an officer in the 80's. The character is an extremely determined, ambitious, and capable woman who would likely be a feminist Icon if she were created during the golden age of Hollywood.

The comic opens with a chilling introduction as Abby has been captured and tied up at the mercy of an unnamed assailant. During their exchange the man admits to murdering his wife, watching the light go out in her eyes. He states that he did this to his wife and he loved her. Abigail, he doesn't even like. He tells her to imagine what he's gonna do to her? It's a legit oh crap! moment to start the series and I was hooked immediately.

From there the comic flashes back To Abigail's return to the Hollywood set. This is presumably after the events of the first series. We see Abby's day to day tasks as well as her interactions with the rest of the studio crew.

There is a particularly hilarious scene where Abigail chases a purse snatcher through several film sets. When she finally catches the guy, he's given a job by one of the film producers. It just goes to show how weird and dysfunctional Hollywood has always been. The comic ends with a cliffhanger totally removed from the opening scene. The ending cliffhanger happens during a flashback but was just as effective in keeping me interested in the story being told.

What stood about this installment was the amount of activity in this issue. There is a lot going on even though the plot has not come into focus as of yet. The comic also highlights the strengths of Abby as a character by spotlighting her determination as to how intense she can get when on the case. There is a lot of energy in the linework and colors and all of it blends well into the continuation of Abigail Moore's journey through Tinseltown.

Rating: 8.5/10

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