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Titans #28 (Drowned Earth) Review - What a tie-in is supposed to be

Dan Abnett (Writer) • Clayton Henry (Pencils)

Marcelo Maiolo (Colorist) • Leonardo Manco (Cover Artists) • DC Comics (Publisher)

I'm a year removed from the Drowned Earth event. I feel really bad for not covering it in a timely manner because the prelude issues have been pretty solid. It's just really hard to be excited about reviewing a comic that came out in 2018.

With Titans #28, Dan Abnett crafts the perfect tie-in issue. It's not a perfect comic but it doe's its job admirably. It present's the Titans to new readers and establishes the drowned earth situation for readers that may not be aware of whats going on in the Justice League or Aquaman.

The art direction is also solid. Clayton and Marcelo get a lot to do in this issue. The comic has a nice pace and the characters visit a variety of locales. The issue starts on a ship, the Titans launch an invasion and the comic ends in a retreat and cliffhanger. All of the scenes are conveyed appropriately particularly the ending sequence.

The only problem I had with the comic are the voices for these characters. The Titans are young but they feel a bit too young in light of their experiences. I'm not sure if this is Dan's fault or editorial mandate but it's strange seeing characters that should be mid-twenties at the very least speaking like teenagers. I'm reading Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and even Michaelangelo comes off as being more mature this the members of this team.

I want to credit Dan Abnett for having the best grasp on continuity that I've seen in a DC comic since I started reading their books in DC Rebirth. The issue references Nightwing being shot over in Batman as well as Roy Harper's death in Heroes in Crisis. I'm not used to any semblance of tight continuity in a DC comic so to see the threads being pulled in a tie-in was somewhat shocking.

This was a perfectly acceptable single issue. If you weren't interested in Drown Earth I can see Titans #28 inspiring some new readers. It sets the table nicely for the event while maintaining its own identity as an ongoing series.

Titans #28 is proof that we have at least one creator in mainstream comics that knows how tie-ins are supposed to work.

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Rating 8/10

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