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Transformers/Ghostbusters: Ghost of Cybertron #3 Review - This is Where The Fun Starts

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Erik Burnham (Writer) • Dan Schoening (Pencils-Variant)

Luis Antonio Delgado (Colorist) •Nick Roche (Variant Cover)

IDW Publishing (Publisher) • Get it Now from Green Brain Comics

After Reading Ghost of Cybertron #2, I almost dropped the series. The book ended in literally in the same spot that it began which is one of my biggest pacing pet peeves. Issue #3 finally moves the story forward and dials the humor up to 11.

I was really down on the series in my last review but in this issue, something just clicked. I enjoyed the comic from cover to cover. This is the Ghostbusters comic that I've been looking for from IDW.

Even the art style that I'm normally ragging on was endearing this time around. I've actually pinpointed my problem with the art style and it comes down to the faces. Once you get past the faces of the Ghostbusters everything else about the linework works. The pacing is fast and the quips come out of nowhere. Starscream describing Slimer as a piece of human excrement got a legit chuckle out of me.

My favorite exchange in the issue involved "Ghost" Starscream and Peter. Under normal circumstances, Starscream would literally step on Pete but the Ghost aspect levels the playing field between the two franchises.

I rarely have genuine laughs while reading comics lately so this issue was a great overall experience. Hopefully, the series closes out just as strong. My faith has been restored.

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Rating 9.5

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