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TRANSFORMERS/GHOSTBUSTERS: Ghosts of Cybertron #2 Review - An Underwhelming Follow-up

Erik Burnham (Author) • Dan Schoening (Pencils-Variant)

Luis Antonio Delgado (Colorist) •Andrew Griffith (Variant Cover)

IDW Publishing (Publisher)

•Andrew Griffith (Variant Cover)

I read Transformers/Ghostbusters #1 a couple of months back and thought it was a nice homage to both franchises. The characterization of the Ghostbusters was spot on and the humor kept me engaged from beginning to end.

Transformers/Ghostbusters #2 takes a considerable step back on all accounts. I mentioned in the review of the previous issue that I wouldn't talk about the art again, I lied. Dan Schoening is a solid artist. The covers art and the renderings of the transformers are nearly perfect. Luis Delgado's colors are beautiful and really make the line work stand out.

My issue is that the Ghostbuster designs look awful. I honestly think this is why the series has never really caught on despite the popularity of the franchise. It's not Dan Schoening, Its the art direction IDW has decided on with these characters. They look like a blend of the movie and animated versions. The designs are rough, especially when contrast with the Transformers.

The story moves forward incrementally. The issue ends in the same location that it starts in. At the conclusion of the previous issue, the Ghostbusters captured the ghost of Starscream and met Ectronymous Diamatron. A Transformer investigating a Cybertronian signal on earth. The signal is tracked to the Ghostbusters trap containing Starscream.

The Ghostbusters refuse to depower the trap which leads to Ectronymous destroying it setting Starscream free. Once Starscream is freed we learn how he ended up on earth. There is a team-up established and that's basically the entire issue.

The banter between the Ghostbusters is still funny in this issue, but the story doesn't really move forward. This leads me to the conclusion that the story will read better in the trade or should have probably been released as a Graphic Novel.

The scenes of the Ghostbusters and Ectronymous are hilarious. He wants the guys to be intimidated but they are completely unbothered. All in all this book is about as average you can get. It's not a terrible comic but as a single issue, it's not worth your money. Buy it for the art or wait for the trade. I'm an idiot and will finish reviewing the series but I'm not expecting anything beyond a novelty experience.

Rating C-

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