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Transformers Versus The Terminator #2 Review - How does a T-800 beat a Decepticon?

David Mariotte - John Barber (Writers) • Alex Milne (Pencils)

David Garcia Cruz (Colorist) • IDW Publishing - Dark Horse Comics (Publisher)

Transformers V Terminator #1 was an odd comic. It wasn't great but there were enough interesting concepts introduced that it piqued my interest and forced me to ask the question; How The Fuck is a Terminator supposed to beat a Transformer?

This issue makes the case that the speed, durability, mobility, and ingenuity of the T-800 goes a long way. The Terminator we're following does a much better job against the Decepticons than I expected. Seeing a Terminator run circles around Decepticons was hilarious because the entire exchange subverts obvious expectations. We can now make a reasonable argument that a gang of Terminators could give the Transformer's serious problems. That's not even accounting for Skynet's later upgrades like the T-1000.

There is a brief and batshit crazy skirmish between the T-800, Megatron, Starscream, and Shockwave. Eventually, the Autobots get involved the Decepticon's are forced to retreat. The comic runs down the timeline of events that led to the Terminators return to 1984 and after a couple of tense exchanges, the characters decide to team up along with Sarah Conner.

Aside from the action, the comic is a pretty shallow experience. The art is a little better this time around and the writing while simple works. It's not a title that will move the industry but Transformers Vs. The Terminator is fun and sometimes that's enough.

Rating 8.5/10

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