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Turok #3 Review - Dynamite Delivers another underrated Gem

Ron Marz (Author) • Roberto Castro (Pencils)

Salvatore Aiala (Colorist) • Rags Morales & Jorge Sutil (Cover Artist)

Dynamite (Publisher) • Get It now (Hell Yes)

After reviewing Naomi #4 and being depressed by the glacial pacing of that series I decided to dive back into Turok from Dynamite.

These are both series that I've had huge layovers in reviewing. Where I was frustrated with the lack of progression in Naomi; Turok #3 let me pumped for the next installment.

I'll end the comparison by stating that both series cover a relatively short span of time but Turok succeeds because it actually feels like a monthly series while Naomi feels like a graphic novel broken up into single issues.

This issue opens really strong with a new, wildly powerful villain blowing away a dinosaur with an energy weapon. The implication is that the character is from the far future. It's a helluva visual and works as a huge contrast to the weapons seen in the series so far.

From there we check in with the cast and with a new character Sarah. Ironically she's also from the future, our future. The story fills us in with some exposition but it becomes apparent really quick that something is off with time and space. The story then moves into a great action sequence and cliffhanger as our villain shows back up in the end.

Ron Marz knows how to pace a comic and if you're starting with this issue you'd still be entertained without reading the first two issues. Every comic is somebody's first and this issue feels like it was written with that in mind.

The art from Roberto and Salvatore continue to impress. I loved the opening sequence and the rest of the issue looks just as good. You never know what's beyond the next page and that add's to the overall excitement throughout the issue.

If you haven't picked up the title I suggest checking out the single issues or the trade if it's available in your local comic shop. Books like Turok #3 are the reason I got into comics in the first place.

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Rating 9.5/10

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