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Turok #4 Review - Going off the rails

Ron Marz (Author) • Roberto Castro (Pencils)

Salvatore Aiala (Colorist) • Rags Morales & Jorge Sutil (Cover Artist)

Dynamite (Publisher)

I've reviewed several series from Dynamite Comics since the blog began a couple of years ago. I've only read one series from Dynamite that ended up being actively bad (Rainbow Brite). The main problem the publisher seems to have is that if the title doesn't feature a character with boobs than then the series is probably a one-and-done story arc that isn't gonna get a follow-up.

It's not the worst problem for a publisher to have. The format allows for a creator to tell their story in the space allotted which makes for less decompression than you typically see from a mainstream publisher. However, if you're looking for an ongoing series featuring these characters it's hard to get excited when there aren't any long-term prospects besides random stories from random creators. In the case of Turok #4, it feels like we're transitioning into a new storyline but considering that the title has a couple of issues left it's to imagine that the series ending cleanly.

The story starts off in an unspecified time with Turok battling Binosaurs (Bi-Pedal Humanoid Dinosaurs). After a brief skirmish, the story transitions to the main storyline the series has been following. Turok, his brother Andar and the regiment of soldiers face off against a being presumably from the future. The guy has a grudge against Turok and says that he is destined to destroy the world. The comic breezes through a fight and it's over almost as soon as it starts. After getting the upper hand against the being. Turok chases him through a portal and discovers that his world is a lot bigger and stranger than he could ever imagine.

Turok #4 isn't bad it's just really hampered by the fact that it reads too fast and now needs to wrap up. I also believe that this should have been the starting point of the series. There are some big reveals in this issue and if you're a fan of the character it will probably have more relevance to you than anyone just finding the character.

Ron Marz has written a decent story so far and Turok may end up having a satisfying conclusion. Unfortunately, I'm starting to get serious Rainbow Brite vibes here. Rainbow Brite ended teasing plotlines and resolutions that never came which hurt the story overall. Considering where we are in Turok I'm expecting much of the same fair or not.

Rating: 7/10

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