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Tyler Perry's: A Fall From Grace Review - A Guilty Pleasure in the Making


Rating: TV-MA

Genre: Drama | Thriller

Directed By: Tyler Perry

Written By: Tyler Perry

Theaters: Jan 17th, 2020

Runtime:115 Minutes

Studio: Tyler Perry Studios


Crystal Fox - Grace

Phylicia Rashad - Sharon

Bresha Webb - Jasmine Webb

Mehcad Brooks - Shannon

Cicely Tyson - Alice

Tyler Perry - Rory

I was spending some quality time with the wife and she suggested A Fall From Grace. I'm not a big Tyler Perry fan but it was something to do and we watched it together.

The most I'd heard about this film prior to watching it was about the goofy wigs that Perry had placed on his actors. While they are trash, It didn't detract from the film in one way or another.

This is a movie that is very easy to nitpick. There are a lot of logic issues throughout the film that feel more like script issues rathe than a person acting out of character.

Jasmine (Bresha Webb) is a young attorney still trying to find herself in her career. She develops a reputation as the kind of counsel sent to cut a plea deal or settle a case with minimal effort. The situation becomes dicey when the circumstances surrounding this particular case don't add up.

Grace (Crystal Fox) is an upstanding woman. She's a lonely grandmother lonely doesn't have many friends aside from Sarah (Phylicia Rashad). She's got a great job and also does charity work. Things go wrong for her when she is arrested for killing her new husband who also happens to be decades younger than she is.

The scenario is obviously more complicated than simple murder and the film spends its time putting the puzzle pieces together.

What I really liked about the film was the acting and direction of the older actresses. Crystal Fox is the standout here. She's smart, sexy and portrayed competently throughout the film. She conveys the plight of the lonely woman well and pretty much carries the movie.

Phylicia Rashad also plays an unconventional role for her as the best friend and it just felt good seeing her onscreen and aging gracefully.

When the movie shifts to Jasmine and her story arc the film gets really goofy, really fast and less interesting. There are some big contrivances in this film that are hard to ignore. When Jasmine first goes to prison, Grace immediately wants to plead guilty. The scene ends without Jasmine even asking about the circumstances that led to the murder. As the film goes on we're given the details but it's really odd that Jasmine didn't have this information before walking into the jail cell or getting the information during her first scene with the prisoner.

In these moments I feel that Tyler should have had another pass at the script and better editing. I could pick the movie apart forever but I won't. The main problems stem from the lax scriptwriting and lack of research on the subject matter. There are also a bunch of scenes designed either to shock or get a cheap emotional reaction.

The scenario is real and happens to a lot of women. The situation is heightened but we've all seen people dealing with loneliness or trying to navigate through awkward or abusive relationships.

The pacing of the movie is what saves it. I was never bored. Even as I was questioning the logic of some scenes I was still engaged. Tyler Perry may not sweat the details but he makes up for his deficiencies by being an efficient filmmaker. That doesn't absolve my problems with the movie but it does provide insight into why decisions were made and why.

A Fall From Grace is a decent movie None of the negatives totally took me out of it and some of the performances definitely left an impression. The film won't win any awards but it's worth a watch if you have a couple of hours to burn.

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Rating 7/10

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