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Un/Sacred #1 Review - Angels & Demons Having Sex...

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Mirka Andolfo (Writer-Artist) • Various (Cover Artists)

Ablaze (Publisher) • Get it Now from Comixology

Mirka Andolfo's Unnatural was one of my favorite series last year so when I found out she was working on another project I immediately added it to my pull list. I'm reviewing this one more as a fan of the creator than having a genuine interest in the project. The covers are nice but I didn't know much about the project going into it.

Un/Sacred follows Angelina and Demi a very odd pair of characters. Angelina an angel and carries all the pure traits you'd expect while Demi is a demon. He's a douche bag but isn't as evil as you'd expect. They meet as kids and are quickly separated by their parents after bonding in a grocery store. They later meet up as adults during a concert. After the random encounter, they quickly become a couple but for different reasons. Angelina is looking for a husband while Demi is looking for some ass. This goes on for several years with no end in sight.

Un/Sacred is a hard book to review. The comic's plot is wafer-thin. Character A wants to screw character B is a pretty simple premise. What may or may not hook you in the series is the humor. There are some genuine laughs to be had as Demi is an obvious simp for holding out for nearly a decade for sex and Angelina is a bit of an idiot for missing most of the obvious hints that Demi drops for her. If you're into that sort of humor the book is for you but if you're looking for another Unnatural this ain't it, at least not yet. There just isn't enough substance established in this issue.

Mirka also chose's a simpler art style this time around. I'm not the biggest fan of the art direction but for storytelling purposes, it works and does look good in spots. I do like the variety in the colors. Everything looks interesting even though the linework feels rushed in spots.

The covers as with Unnatural are also a huge selling point. I counted 5 variants and I can see fans snapping all of them up. The covers are actually better than the interior content. I hate to crap on the book but it's not great and will only appeal to a very specific audience.

If I was the publisher I would have probably released Un/Sacred as a Graphic novel and given the whole story at once. I think would read better in a single sitting rather than getting bits and pieces monthly. I read the book a few days ago and as I type this review I'm having a hard time remembering the ending and that's never a good sign.

Rating 7/10

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