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Un/Sacred #2 Review - The Freakiest Comic Strip you'll ever read.

Mirka Andolfo (Writer/Artist/Colorist) • Various (Cover Artists)

Ablaze (Publisher) • Get it Now from Green Brain Comics

I reviewed Un/Sacred #1 a few months ago and to be honest I wasn't impressed. The jokes didn't really land and the overall direction seemed a bit too random for my tastes.

I'm not sure what happened between issues but Un/Sacred #2 absolutely kills it. I had so much fun with the issue I had to share it with my wife and she got a kick out of the gags. Every page reads like an extended comic strip. Jokes are set up at the beginning of the page and paid off by the end, usually at the expense of Domino, the horny devil, and co-lead of the series.

I don't know if any actual story will come together but the characters are a lot of fun and I legit laughed out loud at several points while reading. The art style grew on me as well. The linework is a lot more stylistic than Mirka's Unnatural or Mercy but the setting is charming and the colors are gorgeous.

I don't have many gripes. The main story is still a bit too random but once It clicked that the series is a long-form adult comic strip the entire book made a lot more sense to me.

If you're looking for complex characters or a deep story this one may be a hard pass. If you're into juvenile humor and sex jokes this is the comic for you. It's definitely escapist fun if you're looking to kill some time.

Rating 9/10

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