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Undiscovered Country #1 Review - I'm Tryin Ringo

Scott Snyder & Charles Soule (Author) • Giuseppe Camuncoli & Daniele Orlandini (Pencils)

Matt Wilson (Colorist) • Giuseppe Camuncoli (Cover Artists)

Image Comics (Publisher)

One of the reasons I tend to enjoy reading a Mark Millar comic is because something cool happens in every issue. I'll get an interesting concept backed up by something really cool that happens either in the story or the linework which is also usually strong.

As I read Undiscovered Country for the second time I was reminded of Mark Millar. I love the concept of this series but unlike a Millar book, I didn't really care for the story here. Before digging into the issue I want to commend the creative team for launching the series at 3.99. Undiscovered Country is a high profile title and it could have easily demanded a 4.99 or higher cover price. Maintaining the industry standard for a 34-page comic is a class act and should be pointed out regardless of my overall feeling regarding the issue.

The premise sets up a couple of mysteries. The big mystery is why has the United States cut itself off from the rest of the world. People are saying the comic is an indictment of the Trump Administration. I didn't see it, at least not in this issue.

The second major plot point is the mission to save the world from an airborne virus threatens to destroy it within six months. Both the A and B plot points are really intriguing. Where the issue fell apart for me was the connective tissue. In between the reveals, Snyder and Soule drop a lot of exposition and worldbuilding. Even with the detail provided, I couldn't remember any of the character's names within a few days of reading.

The only moment that stood out at all involved a man-eating cow. Giuseppe Camuncoli and Daniele Orlandini provide the linework. The pencils are adequate but there isn't much variety in the colors so every page looks pretty much the same. There are a couple of nice spreads including the approach to the United States but aside from those brief moments, the book is a bland affair. Soule and Snyder are both great writers and I assume that things will get better as the series goes on. This just isn't the start I was looking for.

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Rating C+

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