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Unit 44 #1 Review - What if Men In Black Was Still Funny

Wes Locher (Author) • Eduardo Jimenez (Pencils)

Alterna Comics (Publisher)

It's embarrassing to admit, but I flipped through Unit 44 while was I was taking a shit. What's not embarrassing is that reading Unit 44 was the most fun I had while using the bathroom in years.

After forgetting to pay rent for Storage Unit #44 it is sold at an auction to a couple of idiots. Agents Gibson and Hatch are dispatched to retrieve the content of the storage unit before things escalate further.

Unit 44 #1 is friggin hilarious and although the Men In Black vibes are heavy throughout the issue, the book isn't a ripoff. The jokes are frequent and mainly come from the interplay between the agents. Agent Hatch is straight-laced to the point of parody. Agent Gibson is more of a free spirit. The comic is generally an Odd Couple - Abbott & Costello affair with science fiction elements thrown in.

The art reminds me of a highly expressive animated series. The art in conjunction with the comic timing of the script make the book an absolute blast to read. The $1.50 cover price doesn't hurt either.

Unit #44 most closely resembles an extended edition of your favorite newspaper comic strip. It's not the deepest reading experience but it's funny and you can't go wrong with this purchase.

Rating B

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