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Unit 44 #3 Review - More Than Meets The Eye...

Wes Locher (Writer) • Eduardo Jimenez (Pencils)

Alterna Comics (Publisher)Get it Now from Alterna Access

Unit #44 is a series I would never have picked up on the shelves of my Local Comic Shop. The art style isn't really my bag and on its surface, the title looks like a generic Men in Black Knockoff.

I picked up the series due to its inclusion with my Alterna Comics subscription. Alterna's comics are reasonably priced at .99 to 1.99 so the basic investment in the comic book wouldn't break the bank regardless of the issues overall quality.

I've really enjoyed Unit #44 so far and this issue is no exception. The comic picks up on the eve of an alien invasion. The crystal is missing, the Freedahken's are irate and the chief is freaking out. Agents Gibson and Hatch are tasked with tracking down the crystal before the Freedahken's arrive but are hit by obstacle after obstacle with hilarious results.

There are several nice gags in the issue but what stood out to me was the relentless action. As soon the situation is laid out the comic never lets up. If Wes Locher chose a different tone for the issue the comic could have been a lot darker and a lot more serious but the book works as-is. Our heroes cover a lot of ground in their attempts to get the crystal back and save the world.

There is a lot to love here. I mentioned my issues with the art earlier in a negative light but it works, especially when the action picks up. There are also a lot of sight gags inserted in the issue on top of the jokes that make the comic even more fun to read and look at. The series has one issue left and I'm expecting more insanity to closeout the title. Unit 44 is proof that you can't judge a book by its cover.

Rating 8/10