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Unnatural #11 Review - Crafting a Compelling Villain

• Mirka Andolfo (Author/Artist/Colorist/Cover)

• Gianluca Papi (Color Assistant) • Arancia Studio (Translation)

• Gabriele Picolo (Variant Cover) • Image (Publisher) • Get it now (Yes)


With issue #11, Unnatural finally ties up most of the remaining plot threads of the series. We learn how Maxine (The Glance) went from being a jilted lover to the series primary antagonist. We also learn of her past history with Carol.

The bulk of Unnatural #11 is an exposition dump. Aside from the fantastical elements to the series. The Glance is one of the most grounded villains I've ever come across in a comic. She could be your neighbor with serious mental health issues. She's a sympathetic villain but Mirka never lets her off of the hook for her actions.

Sure, she has been indoctrinated into a fascistic cult but before that, she was still a woman that cheated on her husband and abandoned her kid. I want to feel sorry for her but I can't.

The story behind the States reproductive program is also laid bare. We learn that separating the species is the first step. The second step is to ban all social interactions. The final piece of the puzzle is the install of a "Master Race" being to control all, its heavy stuff.

Some of the dialogue and scenes are a bit clunky but the message behind the story is solid thematically and is topical without being on the nose. It's also really interesting that the relationship that pushes Maxine over the edge is a same-sex relationship.

Although I enjoyed the Unnatural #11 I must admit that this was probably my least favorite issue of the series. This is mainly due to the pacing of the book. The last 3 issues moved at a breakneck pace, while this issue slows to a crawl. Ironically, Mirka has the most meta last page ever. It solicited a genuine laugh out of me because although the readers are talking to each other I feel like the lines are directed squarely at the reader.

Most of the revelations of this issue could have also been revealed in prior issues. It seems that this issue needed to cover too much ground in 22 pages. The comic is still solid and does its great job as the penultimate chapter of the series.

What else could you ask for?

Rating B

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