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Unnatural #12 Review - All Good Things Come To an End...

Updated: May 29, 2020

• Mirka Andolfo (Author/Artist/Colorist/Cover)

• Gianluca Papi (Color Assistant) • Arancia Studio (Translation)

• Gabriele Picolo (Variant Cover) • Image (Publisher) • Get it Now from Green Brain Comics

I've been sitting on my review of Unnatural #12 for a few weeks now and I've actually been dreading writing it. Not because the issue is bad. It's just a bittersweet journey that is finally ending. I stumbled upon Unnatural by accident and had no idea what it was about. I was impressed by Mirka Andolfo's linework and the story. Although it was not clear at the outset the narrative was interesting with a vibrant color palette, and if nothing else the cover was sexy.

As the issues kept coming, the characters grew on me to the point where I genuinely cared about what happened to them. I think it was because half of the characters initially introduced had been abruptly killed off. No one felt safe in Unnatural and that carries throughout the series. Each issue is even more foreboding because you know that issue #12 will have a definitive end.

The story has been good to great with few lulls. I didn't really care for Issue #11 and I think the dialogue in issue #2 was wonky. Aside from those gripes, every issue has been beautiful to look at and entertaining. The standout aspect of the series has been the pacing. Nothing is ever really boring and Mirka keeps dropping enough breadcrumbs to keep things interesting. The comic never treads water or meanders.

This is in contrast to a series like Batman that has been telling the same Bat/Cat/Bane story for about 70 issues now.

Leslie Blair herself is one of the best new characters to be introduced in recent years. She's got a unique design. She's down to earth and despite the fantastical and erotic elements to the story, Leslie feel's like a normal girl. She's a surprisingly strong and resilient character. Not because she's fitting into the mode of the "Strong Female Protagonist". She's justs just a solid character in general. If Leslie was a guy, the story would still work.

Unnatural #12 warps up the series and lingering plot points. We get the anticipated confrontation between Leslie, Kal, her mother (The Glance), and The Albino. There isn't much else to reveal in this issue aside from how the story ends. I won't spoil the conclusion but I'm perfectly fine with it. Mirka doesn't cheat or pull a rabbit out of a hat to resolve the story. We focus on the heroes and antagonists from beginning to the inevitable conclusion of the series.

I'm sad to see the book concluding but I appreciate that the series does conclude before overstaying its welcome. There are some hints that the story may not be over but I don't believe we're gonna get a sequel

Unnatural #12 wraps the series up with ta nice bow. It's a great achievement and a strong title from Mirka Andolfo. I look forward to her next series, Mercy. She is a great artist and a solid writer and takes advantage of comics as a visual medium. Unnatural deserves nothing but praise and may actually end up being my favorite Mini-Series of 2019.

Issue Rating 9/10

Series Rating 9/10

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