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Vampirella #2 Review - Extraterrestrials are Beyond Racism

Christopher Priest (Writer) • Ergun Gunduz (Pencils - Colors)

Dynamite (Publisher) • Artgerm (Cover) • Recommend (Yes)

It's been a minute since I reviewed Vampirella #1. I liked the first issue but wasn't exactly blow away by anything in it. I wouldn't have made the purchase at all but did so to stand in solidarity with Christopher Priest who had come under vicious attack from mainstream comic journalists looking for another scalp in the culture war.

This issue gives a better impression of what the series will be about and is also framed around Vampirella's ongoing therapy sessions with Dr. Chary. The rest of the comic details what she's been up to during the past year. The book also introduces allies and a couple of new enemies.

Vampirella feeds on drug dealers before encountering a group of Satanic Nuns and Werewolves. The book is a lot of fun and isn't bogged down by current year politics. In fact, Vampirella thumbs her nose directly at PC culture about midway through the issue.

The art style is still hit and miss throughout the issue but the storytelling is solid enough and there is a couple of standout splash pages. My favorite is a full-page spread of one of the Nuns.

I'm late in my coverage of the series but it's easy to see why the book has maintained consistent sales. Christopher Priest has remained true to the character. Vampirella is one of the original Badgirl characters. He allows her to do maintain her identity and has managed to make her even sexier.

If you're a fan Vampirella or fairly new to the mythos like I am you can't really go wrong here. The comic is cool and features traditional heroes vs villain story that should appeal to most fans or at least those that don't have bugs up their asses.

Rating 8.5/10

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