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Vampirella #3 Review - Too Much Controversy for a Bland @$$ Series

Christopher Priest (Writer) • Ergun Gunduz (Pencils - Colors)

Dynamite (Publisher) • J. Scott Campbell (Cover) • Get it Now from Greenbrain Comics

Vampirella is probably one of the most traditional superhero comics on my pull list. It's ironic considering that Vampirella is probably the furthest from a traditional superhero as you can get.

After the initial hype of Christopher Priest coming to the series, my enthusiasm has waned. Vampirella isn't the best or worst comic on the shelves. Three issues deep it's consistent and propped up by a fan-favorite writer and a slew of fantastic variant covers.

This issue sees Vampirella take on a couple of monsters while continuing her ongoing therapy sessions with Dr. Chary. We learn more about Vampirella's relationship with her mother as well as the distinction between her and earth-spawned vampires. The comic has a lot of interesting tidbits of info but nothing really mindblowing or memorable.

What surprises me is that the layout of the book is so close to what we get from Marvel or DC comics. Vampirella is one of the oldest Bad Girl archetypal characters but we really aren't seeing much of that here. I wish the series was riskier but with the current landscape of comics in 2020 I can see why Dynamite is probably playing it safe with the character.

I had similar gripes with the recent release of Bettie Page #1. Dynamite has some of the sexiest licensed characters under their banner and will commission countless variant covers highlighting their sensuality but when it comes to actual storytelling the comics feel like they are written by wine moms.

I'm a sucker for the variants but I'm not sure if that will keep me reading the series for much longer


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