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Vampirella Vs. Pantha #1 Review - They always putting Bad - B!tches against each other

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

Mark Millar (Writer) • Mark Texeira (Pencils)

Harris Comics | Dynamite (Publisher)

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I don't remember when or how I ran across Vampirella Vs. Pantha but as soon as I saw the creative team I had to snag it on eBay. Mark Millar is one of the greatest living comic writers and I'm a huge fan of Mark Texeira. I mainly remember his work on the Sabertooth Mini-Series from the mid-nineties. After reading Vampi Vs. Pantha I went back and glanced at the Sabretooth Series. This comic shows major growth from Mark as an artist and storyteller.

Texeira is pretty much on par with Mike Mayhew and Alex Ross two of my all-time favorites. It's strange that you don't see him mentioned in those circles. This book looks friggin amazing and keeps a cinematic quality throughout.

The Book is pretty straight forward. Vampirella goes up against Pantha, a Black Panther that can change into a Woman. Yes, you read that correctly. The conflict arises when a group of scientists are found in compromising positions and also ripped apart as if by some animal. Vampirella investigates the murders and eventually runs into Pantha as she moves in on her latest victim.

The story is simple but a lot of fun. Mark Millar is clearly having fun with the script. The art and plot are a lot freer than anything you'd see on the shelves in 2020. This includes the current Vampirella series. The women are sexy and the dialogue isn't P.A. at all which is a breath of fresh air. The story's atmosphere also manages to keep the horror vibe throughout which is true to both characters.

I'd only read the Christopher Priest Vampirella series so It was nice getting another writer's take on the character. The comic was great and another reason why broadening your horizons beyond and Marvel and DC comics is essential if you're a fan of the medium.

The comic is reasonably priced if you want to check it out. I highly recommend Vampirella Vs. Pantha #1. I'm gonna go back and find some of these Pantha back issues. She leaves a helluva impression over the course of this issue.

Rating 9/10