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Vestige #1 Graphic Novel Review - Comicsgate's Warcampign Goes Pro

Gat Hanzo (Writer) • Donal Delay (Pencils) • Jason Lewis (Colorist)

Ethan Van Sciver (Cover Artist) Rohan Kumar Pall

• Nuhana, Inc. (Publisher)

I've been on the fence about War Campaign for a long time. On the one hand, the group can be abrasive AF, on the other hand, I respect what they do and the way they support #Comicsgate from all enemies foreign and domestic.

Most successful entertainers have a "Street Team". The "Street Team" offers unyielding support and often also acts as the positive press for the artists they represent. War campaign is Comicsgate's "Street Team" and its a great movement to engage and interact with unless you're one of their enemies.

The story of Vistage follows a secret organization that works to prevent powerful artifacts imbued with the spirits/essence of historical figures from falling into the wrong hands. Despite what you may think after viewing the awesome Ethan Van Sciver cover. The book features a co-lead.

The book opens with Charles Gemmel. He's a loser that gains possession of a dagger imbued by the spirit of *****. Charles is a far more interesting character, at least to me. He serves as a great POV character for the setting and the unfolding events of the narrative. I can't really get into his story without spoilers so I'll leave it there.

Mathilda (Mattie) looks cool but we aren't really given any information on her aside from the basic back story and establishment that she's a legit badass. The scenes with her are solid and beautifully illustrated by Donal Delay, but even with the increased action of her scenes, they aren't as strong as Charley's.

The best way to describe Vestige is an interesting proof of concept. Gat Hanzo's script moves fast. I was never bored or lost to what was going on in the story. The structure of the book takes some getting used to, constantly flipping from 1st to 3rd person narrative. It's not bad but it's different from most comics I read. Vestige really feels like a graphic novel and takes advantage of comic books as a visual medium for creative storytelling.

Vestige would be an amazing zero issue or -1 for an existing series. The graphic novel gives you the setup for the story but when it's time to deliver the goods, the comic ends. This may not bother you but it happens to be the biggest pet peeve I have in modern comics.

The worldbuilding is great and I definitely want to know more about the setting and characters but I have to admit that aside from the cliffhanger there aren't many "Oh Shit" moments in the comic. I imagine that in the next installment Donal will get more opportunity to flex his muscles visually. The book ends with all of the principal players in place and the creative team should be able to cut loose.

Vistage is better than most mainstream comics on the shelves today which is a big accomplishment for a group of fans breaking into the industry. This is even more impressive considering that Vestige is an original IP with wholly original characters.

Despite my criticisms about the ending, the story is solid and features a world begging to be explored. At the time of writing Vistage is still available for purchase. If you're on the fence or have reservations about supporting #Comicsgate or War Campaign, you shouldn't. The book is

worth a read regardless of affiliation.

RATING 8.5/10

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