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Wolverine #2 Review - Mommy, why does Wolverine keep killing his friends?

Benjamin Percy (Writer) • Adam Kubert (Pencils)

Frank Martin (Colorist) • Adam Kubert & Frank Martin (Cover Artists)

Marvel (Publisher) • Get it Now from Green Brain Comics

Wolverine #2 is the second solid Dawn of X title I've read in a row. I just wrote my review of

X-Men #4 which was nearly flawless. This comic isn't quite as good as the aforementioned issue but Ben Percy succeeds where a lot of writers fail in that he knows how to tell a good Wolverine story. Ben is also the writer of X-Force which is another standout Dawn of X title.

The primary mystery of the first issue was what da faq is wrong with Logan? This issue confirms that Wolverine really did freak out and kill his teammates while under the influence of "The Pale Girl". This gives Logan the primary motivation is to take her down and make things right with the X-Family. We're also shown that what's happening to Logan has been happening to other members of the team, most notably Bishop.

Midway through the issue, Wolverine links up with Jeff Bannister the detective investigating the "Pollen" case which intersects with Logan's mission. They banter a bit and the rapport between the two men is really cool. Their connection reminds me of the characters that used to pop up during the Hama run on the series in the '90s. The comic ends on another cliffhanger with things looking pretty grim for one of our heroes.

I contend that this is still the best version of Logan we've seen in over a decade. Ben has dialed the character back a lot. He shifts the focus to Wolverine the person and not how much damage he can take in a fight. This makes the book is a lot more interesting. The interactions between Logan and other characters are genuine and his regret is palpable. He feels he's messed up and this takes a toll on him even though resurrection is an actionable thing in this setting.

Most ongoing series feel obviously paced for the trade paperback. Wolverine balances the exposition and action beats nicely. I don't get the impression that Percy is holding back. The comic ends where it should and I want the next installment. Kubert also gets to draw a lot of cool stuff which makes Wolverine one of the few real worthwhile Dawn of X titles going right now.

Rating 8.5/10

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