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Wolverine #3 Review - Goofy But Worth a Read

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Benjamin Percy (Writer) • Adam Kubert (Pencils)

Frank Martin (Colorist) • Adam Kubert & Frank Martin (Cover Artists)

Marvel (Publisher) • Get it Now from Green Brain Comics

I dropped about 90% of the X-Men: Dawn of X line from my pull list. What remains is Wolverine and X-Force... for now.

I broke a rule and watched a Thinking Critical YouTube video reading the issue. They were down on the comic but I thought the book was solid. The comic appears to be the end of the pale girl storyline for now. It also throws the reader a major curveball by having FBI Agent Bannister surviving last issues cliffhanger.

The standout parts of the book are seeing Wolverine interact with the X-Family in the capacity of friend, family member, and teammate. Bannister also seems to be a solid new supporting castmate for Logan. The comic has goofy bits but its a lot of fun. Seeing Wolverine execute his plan flawlessly and make it to the other side was great in light of the circumstances he was up against at the end of the last issue.

From here it appears that we're picking up on the Omega Red/Dracula storyline from issue #1. Omega Red, Cyber, and Sabretooth are my favorite Wolverine villains so I'm glad we're seeing him in a prominent role.

Dawn of X isn't in the best spot but if you're a fan of Wolverine you're in decent hands with this series and X-Force. I'm not sure how long ill be hanging on due to the line being so interconnected thematically. X of Swords looks like a hot mess of an event waiting to happen but if anything interesting comes from it Ill let you know.

Rating: 8/10

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