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Wonder Twins #3 Review - "You save the world one act of kindness at a time"

Mark Russell (Author) • Stephen Byrne (Pencils-Cover)

DC Comics (Publisher) Get it now

Wonder Twins #3 Dan Mora Variant

I see a lot of mixed or tepid reactions to the Wonder Twins series but from what I've read so far it's been solid in telling engaging superhero stories. The book is really goofy at times but the theme of characters trying to understand the point of being superheroes when nothing ever really changes makes the series a lot more interesting.

In the last issue, the Twins made life potentially even worse for Baron Nightbood A.K.A Count Drunkula as he fell back into murder and alcoholism after their encounter. The rest of this issue deals with the League of Annoyance and their plans to get revenge on the twins. They nearly accomplish their goal but run into serious problems by not accounting for Jaya and Zan's new pet monkey Gleek.

The social commentary is particularly poignant in this issue but it's not preachy and never gives a definitive answer or solution. The point is that the heroes and villains are basically suffering from a lack of vision while running a rat race of battle, arrest, and escape. The heroes never address the underlying problems villains are facing so reform is never adequate. Conversely, the villains are unable to rise beyond their petty vendettas to execute a plan that would actually challenge the status quo.

The art from Stephen Byrne continues to impress. He works well with Mark's dry style of humor and also puts together surprisingly good action sequences. I love how imaginative he is with Jayna and Zan's powers. Gleek's origin is also told in this issue. It's pretty dark especially when contrast with the Twin's. The little guy has been through a lot.

Wonder Twins seems to have fallen under the radar but it's definitely worth a read. The storytelling is efficient, stories wrap up in single issue's and there is a lot of substance to be found beneath the surface. The series concluded recently and I'd definitely suggest picking up the trade or single issues if you can find them. It's a solid investment in your time whether you're there for the laughs or the meta-commentary.

Rating 9.5/10

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