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Wonder Twins #4 Review - Wonder Twins Powers Activate! Form of...Cuck?

Mark Russell (Writer) • Stephen Byrne (Pencils-Cover)

DC Comics (Publisher) • Get it now from Comixology

Mark Russell can be a God-Tier writer but he tends to meander when he's not writing a tight or focused story. Wonder Twins has some interesting underlying themes but the humor doesn't always work and the jokes in this installment couldn't move a crowd with a gun. Take that statement with a grain of salt. I'm a little older, crankier, and out of touch with most of the people, I interact with.

I'm not even sure if Wonder Twins has an overall point. There is a villain plot involving "The League of Annoyance" that offers a throughline for the series but the focus appears to be a series of vignettes detailing the twins and their adapting to life on earth. This isn't the worst comic I've reviewed but the hit rate on the jokes is pretty low and if this was Showtime at the Apollo Mark would have been swept off the stage.

This issue has the Wonder Twins branching out of school and superheroic's and going out on the town. Jayna goes out with a guy that happens to be a member of the aforementioned "League of Annoyance". Zan also finds companionship with a girl clearly using him as a rebound. I don't want to spoil the comic but shenanigans ensue on both sides.

There's also a subplot in this issue involving their friend Polly whose father is being blackmailed by Lex Luthor into becoming a supervillain. Polly doesn't really stand out as a character and falls into the consistent trap of mainstream Black Characters being flat, uninteresting, unnaturally virtuous, and great at science. It's something that we see across media so I won't hold it against this series but I wish we had more variety in our media particularly when it comes to Black Women.

I did smirk a few times while reading but ultimately the issue was a dud aside from its messaging which does make a valid point when it comes to dating. Stephen Byrne also seems to be phoning it in this issue. Nothing stands out in the story and I found it odd that a comic featuring superheroes and villains has no action to speak of aside from angst, drama, and bad jokes.

I'm starting to feel like Wonder Twins was a 6-issue mini-series stretched out to 12. There have been a few moments that shine but I'm wishing that there was more consistency to the story being told. The series still has the potential to turn the corner but I'd be lying If I didn't mention it being soft in the middle.

Rating: 6/10