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Wonder Woman: Dead Earth Book 1 Review - Wonder Woman Fury Road

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Daniel Warren Johnson (Writer-Artist-Cover)

Mike Spicer (Colorist) • DC Comics (Publisher)

I haven't read a Wonder Woman story since DC Rebirth's "Truth" and "Lies" story arc a couple of years back. I've been having a good run of luck with DC Black Label series so adding Dead Earth to my pull list as an easy decision.

Wonder Woman: Dead Earth is a nice companion piece to Batman: Last Knight on Earth. Both books cover similar post-apocalyptic scenarios. Dead Earth benefits by being a much tighter and focused narrative. Last Knight on Earth felt like a tour of the decimated DC universe while Dead Earth feels like a personal journey for Diana. Even when something messed up comes across the page readers aren't given any context and are left to form our own conclusions. There are some big twists in this issue and come surprising and unexpected cameo's from DC heavy hitters.

The opening of this book is beautiful and distills Diana's origin to its essence. In one page, Mike proves he gets this character better than most writers that have tackled her in recent years. It's the overlay for the underlay because Mike's writing is what sells you on the issue despite a wildly different take on Diana. I would best describe Mike's Wonder Woman as "homely" and felt that way until about midway through the issue.

Underneath the grime, this is the same Wonder Woman that you know and love and I could still hear Gal Gadot's voice while reading the issue. That's a credit to Mike Spicer's writing. He gets this character and what makes Diana so endearing to fans despite the ugliness of the setting. The world looks incredible and the emotive qualities of the setting are palpable. Wonder Woman is a symbol of love so it makes sense that her love and compassion would shine through regardless of circumstances.

The story takes place in the aftermath of an apparent nuclear disaster. A group of survivors are chased by some sort of mutant and stumble upon Diana who appears to have been awakened from stasis. She's been severely weakened and foggy on the events that led to the current state of the world.

After saving the survivors from the mutants Diana joins the survivors on their Journey to New Hope, one of the last Human remaining cities.

I don't have many complaints and don't want to get too deep into plot points because of spoilers. The title is worthy of the Black Label format. The cover choices may hold the book back from some readers but aside from that, Dead Earth: Book 1 is a great book and one of the best Black Label titles released to date.

Rating 9.5/10

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