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X-Force #2 Review - How The Hell Did Professor X Get Killed In The First Place?

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Benjamin Percy (Writer) • Joshua Cassara (Pencils)

Dean White (Colorist) • Dustin Weaver (Cover Artists)

Marvel (Publisher)

About 6 weeks ago I made a video mentioning that I was gonna do a review for this book. It's obviously late an there is no video. I apologize for the delay but here we are.

One of the reoccurring problems I'm finding with the Dawn of X line of books is that the resurrections lower the stakes. What does death mean when characters basically respawning every other issue?

Another problem I'm noticing is that powerful Mutants including those classified as omega are getting beaten up by losers or people that should definitely be outside of their weight class.

Sebastian Shaw and Cyclops are beaten up by a group of old women (X-Men #3). Storm, Iceman, and Pyro have a hard time defeating Batroc, The Leaper (Marauders #2). In the previous issue of this series, Professor X was gunned down by a group of assassins.

For me, as a long-time X-Men reader, these developments open up a few questions. In Issue #4 of X-Men, Professor X is able to identify assassination squads sent to take out Krokan leadership. Cyclops and Gorgan are notified by Xavier and easily move in to take them down.

My question is knowing that Xavier is one of the world's foremost telepathic mind, how did he allow himself to get killed in the first place. He should have been able to easily scan and shut down his attacker's minds as we've seen countless times before in prior X-Men stories.


The X-Men's are wildly inconsistent throughout Dawn of X and it hurts the overall narrative. Part of the problem is that the characters are too powerful and creating obstacles for them is probably a creative chore for most writers. This is why we keep seeing the villains using power dampeners and nanites. The first time it was interesting but the tactic is being used so often it comes off as lazy.

I don't want to beat this issue up specifically for this but I will mention that I've read this issue a couple of times. The first time I read it I loved it but retroactively it's not as good as the first read because of the overall inconsistencies we're seeing across the line.

The primary focus of this issue is Wolverine's search for Domino and Jean Grey's attempt to resurrect and find out the deal with the assassins. Along the way Wolverine runs into Kid Omega, one of my least favorite X-Men and they end up running into more bad guys, that's about it.

The comic isn't bad on its own. I'm not a fan of Quinten Quire but under Percy's penmanship, he's not as insufferable as he is typically portrayed. I also enjoyed Omega's relationship with Wolverine. It's on the surface Omega is cocky and self-assured he's not as capable as he thinks he is.

Joshua Cassara is a mixed bag when it comes to art. He has some really great pages throughout the issue including one of my favorite recent shots of Jean Grey but also has some really dodgy shots of Wolverine. Overall I won't say the book looks bad but occasionally you'll run into a panel that could have used some more attention. The comic is also extremely dark in spots. This is a creative choice to enhance the atmosphere of the book but it gets weird when you can't make out characters or what the hell is going on in the background. The portrayals of the main characters is the reason I won't mark the issue too low on my grading scale. The book is well written but somewhat stifled by some of the constraints that the story has built into it. Overall X-Force #2 is worth a read but I'm definitely feeling less impressed by Dawn of X as time goes on.

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Rating B

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