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X-Force #3 Review - Is it Death or an Extended Vacation?

Benjamin Percy (Writer) • Joshua Cassara (Pencils)

Dean White (Colorist) • Dustin Weaver (Cover Artists)

Marvel (Publisher)

X-Force has been one of the most serious and interesting Dawn of X title since Jonathan Hickman took over the X-line last year. I'm reviewing this book after reading and reviewing Wolverine #1 so I'm behind.

This issue covers two main plot points. Wolverine and Kid Omega's extraction of Domino and the resurrection of Charles Xavier by Jean Grey.

The scenes with Logan, Omega and Domino are great and the art is appropriately dark and atmospheric. The rendering of Domino is also pretty grotesque. She's seriously mangled and it's hard to imagine her recovering without the help of a healer.

In a vacuum, the book is really good and if this was not an X-Title I doubt I would have any problems with the comic. My concern is that when you see and hear about characters being killed off and then instantly resurrected it undermines any tension regardless of what is happening on the page.

Jean tries to explain it away through dialogue but her speech doesn't really land because these are fictional characters that rely on suspension of disbelief. If death is taken completely off of the table there's no reason to pretend otherwise. The only way you can suspend disbelief under these circumstances is to put characters in danger that can't be resurrected. Hickman and Percy are great writers but I believe that the creative directors may have written themselves into a corner.

I'm pretty sure the "get out of jail free" resurrections will be taken from our heroes eventually but it's hard to get worked up over a character death when they are fast-tracked to be resurrected. X-Force #3 is a good comic despite my reservations I just think that the shelf life for this status quo will be limited if we keep moving in the current direction.

Rating 8/10

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