• Baraka

X-Force #4 Review - Krakoa Establishes its Central Intelligence

Benjamin Percy (Writer) • Joshua Cassara (Pencils)

Dean White & Guru - eFX (Colorist) • Dustin Weaver (Cover Artists)

Marvel (Publisher) • Get it Now from Green Brain Comics

I've been a huge fan of Forge dating back to the '90s. He's a great character that plays the combo role of Iron Man and Reed Richards but for the X-Men. Forge is also the only character that I can recall that had a believable romance with Storm. Although Marvel has seemingly memory-holed the Storm Forge relationship it stands out as a milestone for each character.

This issue gives Forge a proper intro to the current Dawn of X landscape. He naturally takes on the role of armorer for the team and also seems to get his rocks off by giving Wolverine a hard time. There are some nice exchanges between the characters and although don't recall Forge being this snarky he makes a nice addition to the cast.

The book also formalizes X-Force as Krakoa's C.I.A. Branch. The situation is a little more complicated than that but it gives the series purpose and justifies the team's mission going forward. The remainder of the comic focuses on the mission to get back at the human group that assassinated Xavier and mutilated Domino in the previous issues.

The comic looks decent in most spots. Joshua Cassara doesn't have the most bombastic style but it's atmospheric and works best when he illustrates the more disturbing elements of what's happening on the page. There's action but this is primarily a dialogue driven issue aside from the closing segment of the book. It's also to see the 90's blue and gold uniforms again and Forge looks great in it. The colors are consistent with the rest of the series but the palette doesn't use many colors which makes the comic seem pretty drab despite the above-average script Ben Percy provides.

X-Force #4 isn't earth-shattering by any stretch but it's a solid addition to the series and ongoing story arc. There's also a pretty messed up cliffhanger and it will be nice to see how our heroes get out of this situation.

Rating: 8/10